Fight & destroy evil robots in this classic platform shooter!


In the distant future, after years of war, mankind had found peace. However, that peace is now being challenged...
Robot soldiers, previously under human command, have gone rogue! They are the "COLDGEARZ": Robots amassed, fighting to destroy life on earth, pushing towards supremacy!
Thankfully, the COLDGEARZ army can be stopped. They depend on power, from a perpetual energy cell, to function properly. Unfortunately, the cell will not be easy to shutdown. It remains hidden, deep within their most protected fortress, on Badicit Island.
You belong to, the "DF Unit", a team of elite human soldiers. Your next mission: Invade Badicit Island. Your team plans on ending the COLDGEARZ threat, by destroying their fuel source, to promise humanity a safe future. Good luck!

A Pentium PC, running MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or later.
A DirectX 8 compatible graphics card. A DirectX 8 compatible sound card.
33+ MB of free hard drive space. 512+ MB of RAM.


Direct (box), Mirror 1 (Dropbox), Mirror 2 (Google)
Downloads include manual and source code.